Saturday, 10 September 2016

Thought 321: Benefits of Learning about Psychopaths

The one and main thing to be gained from reading up on and researching phenomena such as psychopathy, illuminati practices and globalist agendas is that, in a right-minded person, this will have the effect of clarifying moral law, in so far as it will be made clear through this research that some people want to harm others in every which way possible, and that faced with this reality, lessons about treating others and oneself with care (which is enlightenment) can be more easily drawn.

Taking myself as an example, it was not until I became familiar with all the knowing and calculated evil in the world, i.e. the desire of some powerful and not so powerful people to harm others and violate their natural law rights, that I ceased to think along moral relativist lines, i.e. that there is no objective difference between right and wrong (which is the second tenet of ideological satanism, at least according to ex-Satanic priest Mark Passio). 

This coming to learn about the world we live in and choosing precisely to look at the negative rather than merely ignoring it is why embracing truth, that which is, in all its darkness is a sure way to knowledge of right and wrong and the universe itself. 

By contrast, ignoring all that is evil in the world will prevent people from drawing lessons that need to be drawn as to moral/natural laws and the absolute and non relative difference that lies between moral and immoral behaviour. 

And as someone said
'Ignoring the "negative" ensures you get more of it.'