Saturday, 30 July 2016

Thought 279: Angels & Demons

The concept of angels and demons could be argued to point to a real phenomenon in the world.

When one has done due diligence in the field of political truth, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that we are indeed ruled by demonic creatures, whether human like you and me or not, as some researchers like David Icke suggest.

The angels would therefore be those doing the Great Work of bringing truth and enlightenment to the masses - having become enlightened themselves - at great personal risk and outside the social order, which is essentially determined by the demons.

As I wrote below in Spiritual Tyrants and the New World Order it is most likely that the Dark New World Order of control, slavery and misery created by the demons will come to prevail through the existing social order and that the Light New World Order of enlightenment, freedom and happiness created by the angels will come to prevail outside the existing social order. 

The word angel comes from the Greek ἀγγελος which simply means messenger and the real life angels of the world are those communicating both the message of there being demons in power as well as the solutions that need to be employed so as not to be ruined by said demons.