Sunday, 31 July 2016

Thought 280: The Thanklessness of Thinking

Although Heidegger saw thinking as a thanking, a giving of thanks to that which makes thinking possible (following the German link between Denken and Danken) and that getting inspiration was a gift, I see thinking, particularly in the sense of sharing my thoughts, as being one of the most thankless tasks in existence. 

I do it because I somehow feel the urge to communicate, i.e. make common, my insights and thought communication does come easily to me. Also, I do get off on ideas but that seems to be a minority characteristic. I will probably keep sharing my thoughts until the day I die but I'm not expecting to hear from like-minds anytime soon, considering the age of this web log (it used to exist under a different incarnation) and the minute amount of feedback I have received so far in exchange for my intellectual labour.  

I have to accept the fact that my sensibility as a Nietzsche-and-Heidegger-inspired Natural Law adept is perhaps too niche for most people to identify with. Nonetheless I will keep on writing and creating until such a time when I have run out of things to say. Because it is clear the Universe wants me to.