Monday, 25 July 2016

Thought 275: Two Contemporary Definitions of Truth

My first ever blog post on ScruffyOwlet's Tree - Lathoron, a Philosophical Dialogue - reached the conclusion that truth is that which makes meaning possible

Years later when I discovered the valuable work of researcher and thinker Mark Passio from I came across his definition according to which truth is simply that which is

So it would appear that for Mark Passio, truth equates to Being - I'm sure German philosopher and well-known author of Being and Time, Martin Heidegger, would have approved. 

Perhaps the two definitions can be reconciled in so far as it is Being, that which is, that enables the possibility for meaning, all meaning arguably springing from the source of our existence, what makes us be

Therefore, truth can be seen as both that which is and that which makes meaning possible. 

Historically, truth was seen as correctness of perception, i.e. perception being aligned with the things themselves, aedequatio intellectus et rei

This of course follows from truth being that which is and gives added strength to the notion that one's perception, and therefore existence, can be closer or further away from truth, both in the sense of that which is and that which gives meaning. 

It could be equally argued that the closer to truth, i.e. Being, one's perception is, the more meaningful it becomes, following the link that has been made between truth and meaning.