Friday, 29 July 2016

Thought 278: Why Dark Actions Prevail

Thoughtful people may come to wonder in their more introspective moments why dark realities come to prevail in the world when, even though far from enlightened, the mass of humanity are basically decent. 

This problem was answered by Mark Passio in the following way:
"The Universe gives priority to dark care over no care."
More to the point, the occultist psychopaths who control the world, its resources, its means of distraction and violence, are both internally and externally unified.

The same cannot be said of most 'good' people, i.e. people who have good tendencies, because good people are often divided among as well as within themselves. 

The fact that the great, great majority - myself included - comply or buy into the manipulation and the evil - e.g. by buying from and working for corporations they know to be evil or not critically evaluating and resisting the mind control techniques that are employed everyday by the powerful - means that they are not acting in accordance with their true selves and in this behavioural incongruence with their psyche - however much the latter is manipulated - allow evil to endure and even prevail.

That being said, and this is not something Mark Passio ever mentions, it is easier to be internally and externally unified when you have no compassion or empathy - emotions not having to be taken into account - and when you consider the fact that the elite psychopaths who run the show are a tiny number as compared to the unsuspecting, allegedly 'sleeping' masses who number in the billions. Try 'unifying' billions of people for goodness sake!

Moreover it is extremely arduous, not to say impossible, to completely resist and live outside the conditions, however evil and engineered, that are brought to bear by psychopathic controllers, especially when others around you are not so clued up about how the world works and themselves need to be brought up to date which many will be reluctant to do. For ignorance is a short-lived but ultimately genuine bliss.