Monday, 11 July 2016

Thought 261: Spiritual Tyrants and the New World Order

In his posthumous work The Will to Power: A Revaluation of all Values, Nietzsche foresaw the coming total economic exploitation of mankind.

He opined that the same conditions that would keep people domesticated, in check and on the lifelong treadmill of economic servitude would also give birth to tyrants.

No doubt he meant intellectual tyrants like myself.

[Nietzsche was fond of the expression 'tyrant of the spirit' in reference to past philosophers as evidenced in his work Human all too Human.

Moreover he foresaw that the new world order would, contrary to popular conspiratorial belief, come to be outside of any existing social order.

In other words, what is in fact happening, is that the Dark New World Order is currently prevailing through the existing social order whereas the Light New World Order is coming to force outside the existing social order.