Friday, 25 November 2016

Thought 396: Chubby Women

"But my own instincts are profoundly opposed to the English diet too, which in comparison with the German and even the French is a type of return to nature', namely to cannibalism; it seems to me that it gives spirit heavy feet – the feet of an Englishwoman. . ."

- Nietzsche in Ecce Homo

As a heterosexual man, I am partial to fuller-figured women and am often bemused by how so many women view their natural plumpness and roundness as an unattractive feature. 

There are of course many reasons for this, many men liking thinner body types and fat is often associated with unhealthiness (although being overly skinny can be just as symptomatic of poor physical health) but in my opinion this phenomenon is much more due to current, practically anorexic ideals of beauty in the entertainment and fashion worlds as well as women's own sexual preferences regarding men. 

Indeed it might well be the case that many women preferring leaner, more muscular men they think they would be more attractive if themselves leaner and more toned. 

Yet in my opinion what suits men does not suit women and I do associate the features of plumpness and roundness with increased femininity and female attractiveness as did so many artists of days past - witness the classic and ancient example of the Venus of Willendorf.