Saturday, 12 November 2016

Thought 383: Madness as Coping Mechanism

"[There] is always some reason in madness."
Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This will sound strange to prosaic and psychiatric minds but madness is essentially a coping mechanism when intolerable emotions, thoughts and traumatic baggage are present in one's subconscious and conscious selves and have not been properly addressed and attended to with care, knowledge and will. 

The mind-body complex goes 'mad' - e.g. psychotic or manic - to get release from the buried trauma and confusion and while psychiatrists are concerned only with the manifestation of mood and behavioural disorder (rather than the traumatic cause), medicating it to hell in order to control it, what is really needed is time and a measure of sensitive guidance and care to process the buried confusions and traumas and begin the healing process.  

Psychotherapists can help along this path but the only person who can do so with any lasting effect is the person who went mad in the first place who has to learn to unmake the crap present in their psychology in order to gain a unified consciousness, free of inner turmoil and self-contempt. 

The problem is one is least able to do this when 'mad' which is why time is needed, time and attention being the operative spiritual currencies in the world, as it takes time and the attention it enables to heal one's psyche and buried traumas after the 'mad' symptoms have somewhat subsided and have become behaviourally dormant. 

In other words, mental health problems can be usefully seen as divine if most unpleasant messengers sent to us in order to learn to be ourselves and acquire a unified consciousness, for nature is most unforgiving to those who are internally and externally divided - which is arguably why psychopathic controllers who are unified in spirit and purpose are so successful in fucking up the human condition (see post Why Dark Actions Prevail)