Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Thought 400: God as Symbol

The word God can usefully be seen as a symbol for the beginning of time, the so-called uncaused cause as Manly P. Hall put it in his book Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, or indeed the uncreated being as Heidegger put it, as well as the conscious creative intelligence of the cosmos and its laws.

The same can be said of God's great adversary, Satan. Lucifer too can be seen as a symbol, either as a well-meaning promethean light bearer (from the Latin lux ferre, to bring light) defying God's (or the gods') tyranny or as an ill-intentioned inverter of God's truth expressed as it is in Natural Law and Morality. 

Lucifer's true status, whether he be a friend or a foe of mankind, seems ambiguous to me - perhaps his role is to awake men from their slumber and slavery through the art of thinking - but I have no doubt that practicing self-titled Luciferians and Satanists are for their part fiendish foes of mankind's moral and spiritual enlightenments.