Monday, 28 November 2016

Thought 399: Freedom in Peril: World War 2 Poster

"Freedom is in peril. Defend it with all your might."
The content of this World War 2 British poster may be commended, even though the irony of it emanating from the enslaver that is Her Majesty's Government is not lost on me. I agree that freedom is in peril and must be defended, with force if necessary. But this includes defending freedom against governmental coercion. 

However many people, myself included, seem perfectly content to comply heart and soul with an immoral system. Even if not in thought and emotion, then in deed. For compliance is (political) action, however passive in intent. For
"politics is not like the nursery. In politics, obedience and support are the same." (Hannah Arendt)
In addition the word freedom has been used time and again precisely to enslave which is typical of the inversion techniques of the sorcerers that are social controllers who systematically and daily turn truth on its head. 

For Satan is the inverter of God's truth, both 'God' and 'Satan" understood in this case conceptually and symbolically, not religiously. 

(See post Black Magic as Inversion for more elaboration on these last points).