Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thought 395: Large Souls Squander Themselves

"I love him whose soul squanders itself, 
who wants no thanks and does not give back again:
for he always bestows and would not preserve himself."

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

It is to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who knew a thing or two about these things, that we owe the sublime insight according to which it is in the nature of large, great souls to squander themselves in their care for others and the world. 

Great souls squander themselves because unlike the hoards of shrunken and tiny souls in the world, as evidenced by so much commentary in the mainstream media, their concern is not what Nietzsche called petty prudence and egoic self-service but higher ideals of truth, morality, beauty, people's welfare, sharing and so on. 

Great souls thus need be careful who they give themselves over to and perhaps it is a good idea for them to use their magnanimity (large soul-ness) in artistic and philosophical work rather than humanitarian ideals because this could bring them to ruin, the majority of people constituting 'crooked timber' as Immanuel Kant so fantastically put it. 

In other words large souls need to learn to put themselves first, however much this might offend their generous and altruistic sensibility, and use their large soul-ness to their own advantage and fulfilment through allowing it to express itself in works, words and deeds without falling into disrepair through over extension and self-squandering. 

For unfortunately some if not many people will take advantage of and exploit those who are generous of spirit for their own selfish gain and as I've written before good hearts can be most naive and blind as to the wicked and base motivations of the heartless, not themselves being of a wicked or base disposition.