Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Thought 380: Nervous Tension

I have written before on the demon that is neurosis, commonly referred to as mental health problems, seeing it as the number one enemy facing humanity today (Time to Conclude: Neurosis as Number One Enemy). 

Poor mental health is a largely still little understood phenomenon tied in with human suffering and the pressures of modern civilisation. 

One thing that I can say, however, as a past sufferer of a large host of mental health difficulties - including mania and depression - is that nervous tension is most detrimental to healthy psychology. 

It's a lesson I learnt relatively late that tension - the opposite of relaxation - leads to disorder. This lesson was handed me most effectively by my playing piano as I realised that psychological and physiological tension in performing pieces created no end of mistakes and inaccuracies, not to say choppiness as opposed to fluidity.

This is why the popular philosophy of 'not giving a fuck' is arguably very helpful in so far as caring too much about the wrong things, such as things which are not in your control, or that have to do with artificial societal expectations and constraints or internal insecurities and self-doubt (e.g. the fear of making mistakes) can lead to nervous tension and therefore neurosis.

It seems to me that our civilisation is in many of its aspects designed to create neurosis, what with examinations, job applications and interviews, performance evaluations, bills, money worries, being at close quarters with the public and colleagues in jobs, toxic media, toxic people in power, immoral values peddled hourly by the wicked and mind controlled, employment commitments, commercial predation, bullying, false intellectualist values, positive fascism, endless technological contrivance, our abandonment of Mother Nature and so on. 

These are realities that very few parents help guide their children with, since themselves under the influence of mind control methodologies and not in tune largely with their true selves and natural law. 

In any case it is because so much of our present condition is unhealthy and designed to ruin people both emotionally and financially that one has to work even harder to be un-phased by all the toxic rubbish of modern life and modern people and learn to take care of oneself - body and mind, though especially mind - which is to say, to learn how to relax (by not giving a fuck, including of what people think of you) so as not to fall prey to nervous tension and its dire consequences for the psyche.