Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thought 394: What You Care About Can Destroy You

I have often extolled the importance of care along with contemporary thinker Mark Passio but it is unfortunately the case, life being the bitch that she can be (see Life as Bitch Teacher), that what you care about has the capacity to destroy you.

For example something bad happening to a loved one of yours that you deeply care about can cause you much personal damage and lead to your wanting to be dead. 

Caring too much about truth, factual and philosophical, also has it heavy price tag as it can lead to madness, unhappiness, isolation, anger, persecution and all kinds of neurosis. 

Caring too much about your professional career can also come at a heavy price if it leads you to neglect other facets of your personal life. 

And most people have experienced the most unpleasant and difficult phenomenon of caring deeply for someone who didn't care for them in return. 

When something or someone I've cared (too) much about comes to bite me back in the arse I sometimes wish I was a psychopath, devoid of caring emotions and therefore the pain and hurt these can lead to. 

Yet other times I believe that all the pain is worth it and that I'd rather have care and emotions, even if these can lead to suffering, than be a heartless piece of garbage. 

For without care and the positive emotions it can bring, genuine joy at life and people would likely never manifest and one would amount to what T.S. Eliot termed a 'hollow man'. 

Without care, all goodness in the world would disappear and in fact the world itself would end. 

For world always means spiritual world. Only the earth would remain, albeit possibly in a devastated fashion - a wasteland if you will.

And it was Nietzsche who said
"The wasteland is growing. Woe to him harbours wastelands!" 
This 'him' is of course the superman, the one who must inhabit the darkness (i.e. the wasteland) in order to reach to the light (i.e. the oasis).