Sunday, 13 November 2016

Thought 384: Society as Shit Fest - My Anti-Conformity

Casual readers of my thoughts will know by now that I largely see what is called society as a satanic shit fest of need and greed. 

In my opinion people become moral and enlightened in spite of society and its phoney values rather than because of it and them. 

Many may be uncomfortable with my sweeping generalisations and feel hostile towards my anti-conformist positioning on so many issues, including the burning issues of monetary currency and employment routines (e.g. Employment Bullshit - My Economic Ideal), and will seek to point out the many hypocrisies in my philosophising, especially since the latter is made possible by my essentially being an 'economic parasite' - i.e. a welfare claimant - to use a social darwinist phrasing. 

These people are in fact right in detecting hypocrisies in my work but I do not think being completely free from the charge of hypocrisy is humanly possible and the desire for extreme consistency on all fronts can lead to negative outcomes, especially where political action is concerned.

See my blog post The Dangerous Quest for Political Consistency for more elaboration on this last point.