Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thought 390: Know Thyself - My Example

As long time readers of my blog will know, if such readers exist, one of the first things I ever wrote was the famous Delphic injunction 'know thyself' in my philosophical dialogue Lathoron.
Spie: And what is your point exactly?
Rom: That talk about objective truth necessarily implies a subjective truth, only "subjective truth" pertains to the subject.
Spie: That would be us as human beings no doubt.
Rom: Precisely. As the ancient statement testifies: "know thyself."
This entire blog, whether in its writings or works, is simply a long drawn-out application of that injunction. 

Indeed knowing myself was evidently a task of long duration and still ongoing, seeing that that dialogue was written in 2006 and that we are now in 2016. 

While much internet literature purports a certain objectivity and matter of factness in its communications, ScruffyOwlet's Tree was designed with the belief that the path to authentic knowledge starts with putting oneself in question and mastering one's inner kingdom so as to critically evaluate information in a way that is in keeping with one's being. 

For communing with one's being is just another way of gaining access to what is, truth, since I know that I am rather than not and that I, Thomas Romer, am a part of all that is, which, again, is truth. 

It is arguably only by knowing oneself that one will unlearn the influence of external and conventional mind control and thereby arrive at judgements and conclusions that are less pre-determined by what society tells us to think on a daily basis. 

As the Delphic oracle knew so well, how can one expect to gain knowledge of the secrets of the universe and the gods when not even in touch with and aware of one's inner house?

So while my lack of pretend objectivity might make my writings too niche and particular to reach a wide audience in the short term, perhaps they will carry more weight in time since genuinely stemming from my inner source as a human being; and humans are all connected at root, despite variation in sensibility and preference, to the primal source of Being since without Being there would be no beings including human beings. 

And Being needs the human being if only to be given word to. It follows that by self-examination one will ipso facto give heed to that which is the ultimate source of our existence and possibly become more in being than individuals who are closed off from their link with Being and all that is and therefore from truth, if defined as that which is.